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9th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Space Environment Utilization Research

Last Updated: September 24, 2012

August 30th-31st, 2012

Tsukuba Space Center/JAXA


On August 30th and 31st , JAXA hosted the 9th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Space Environment Utilization Research at the Tsukuba Space Center.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. S. Kamigaichi(JAXA) and co-chaired by Prof. M. Asashima(Japan) and Prof. C. Lee (Korea). Total 45 researches, specialists were participated from Japan and Korea. 20 lectures were presented from the following disciplines.

  1. Space science strategy
  2. Fluid physics
  3. Crystallization science
  4. Life science
  5. Space medicine
  6. Combustion
  7. Material science

It was confirmed that the good progresses had been made on several joint collaboration areas such as cell biology, combustion, materials science and protein crystallization.

Science communities exchanged new ideas, plans, views and opinions toward future expansion. They were pleased to hear the substantial progress of each discipline. Discussions were made very actively.

The next Seminar will be held in Korea in 2013 hosted by KARI.

Attendees watched the ISS just passing over the sky from 18:22 to 18:30 on 30th and enjoyed its beautiful scenery.

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