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Kibo Utilization Office for Asia (KUOA)

Proposals for Kibo utilization from Asia-Pacific countries gaining momentum - Report from SEU working group at 22nd APRSAF, Indonesia

Last Updated: December 18, 2015

The 22nd session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) was successfully convened at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, from December 1 to 4, 2015. The Space Environment Utilization working group (SEU WG) and Kibo-ABC workshop, both chaired by Ms. Clara Y. Yatini from LAPAN and Mr. Jun Gomi from JAXA, were held with the goal of realizing the Kibo/ISS utilization by Asia-Pacific countries.

Since experiments in microgravity are a specific research field, the proposal for the Kibo utilization from Asian countries, while valuable, was limited in number before. However a significant progress was seen at this year's meeting. The presentation of actual plans and proposals for the space experiments using Pressurized Module and Exposed Facility of Kibo and roadmaps for space utilization activities showed each country's efforts toward Kibo utilization. The active discussions in both meetings facilitated an effective and fruitful exchange of opinions and information among member countries.

DOST, Philippines

As for utilization of the J-SSOD (JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer), "DIWATA-1"/50 kg class from the Philippines and "AOBA-VELOX-III"/2U from Singapore, are already scheduled to be deployed in 2016. This will be followed by Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, aimed for launch after 2017. The intention of using the ExHAM (Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism), the new Kibo Exposed Facility that can be used for exposure experiments of materials (e.g., for satellite development), has been demonstrated by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Summary of the SEU WG: 1st and 2nd December, 2015

The Space Environment Utilization Working Group (SEU WG) took place with 61 participants from 11 countries, 19 organizations. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, had conducted their Kibo utilization activity report.

The activities toward the actual Kibo utilizations in Indonesia had been introduced, including life science experiment and small satellite deployment from Kibo. Feasibility studies for these experiments had already started. Utilization of J-SSOD and ExHAM were encouraged by JAXA, and active Q&A and discussion were conducted. The role of the Kibo experiment for the future space activities were introduced in Space Medicine topic as 'ISS as a test-bed for human space exploration', and there was a request from Singapore for lecture on this topic in domestic meeting event, after this session. In the space medicine topic, the importance of human health in the space exploration, particularly in the Mars mission, was mentioned.

With the increasing number of human activities in space, the increase in number of spacecraft became significant, which would require the compliance to the space law which regulates the activity in space. This space law topic was discussed. Also, some of the public funding systems were introduced, and participants recognized the necessity of knowing how to secure funds for space development.

Please refer to the Summary Reports by SEUWG for more detailed summary of the working group session.

SEU-WG Recommendaton

Recent Notice of SEU WG activities:
'The 2nd Space Exploration and Kibo Utilization Workshop for Asia' will be held outside of the APRSAF annual meeting, tentatively scheduled for June 2016 in one of the member countries.

Participants and presenters

Program Day 1
Title Country Presenter/Moderator
Review of SEU APRSAF-21 [PDF: 1.4MB] Japan JAXA:Ms. Yoshimi Osada

General exchange of views on SEU activities: Country Report

Kibo activity report [PDF: 2.6MB] Japan JAXA:Mr. Fumiaki Tanigaki
Space - Related Activity in Indonesia 2015 [PDF: 3.5MB] Indonesia LAPAN:Ms. Fitri Nuraeni
Malaysia Microgravity Program 2015 [PDF: 1.6MB] Malaysia ANGKASA:Mr. Helmy Hashim
Space Research and Development in the Philippines [PDF: 2.4MB] The Philippines NSDP/Regulus Space Tech
Dr. Rogel Mari Sese
KARI's Activities in 2015 for Space Environment Utilization Research [PDF: 2.4MB] Republic of Korea KARI: Ms. Eun-Jung Lee
GISTDA's Space Environment Utilization Road Map [PDF: 1.4MB] Thailand GISTDA: Dr. Ammarin Pimnoo
Space environment research activities of Vietnam [PDF: 1.4MB] Vietnam VAST/STI: Ms. Trang Nguyen

Towards Kibo experiment

Preparation of Indonesia Banana Experiment at KIBO [PDF: 2.3MB] Indonesia Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB:
Dr. Rizkita Esyanti,
Dr. Fenny M. Dwiyani
Application of metabolomics for discrimination and sensory predictive modeling of food products [PDF: 1.8MB] Japan Osaka University: Dr. Sastia Putri

Small satellite deployment from Kibo/ISS

Development of Nano satellite for Education in Indonesia [PDF: 1.3MB] Indonesia Surya University
Dr. Riza Muhida
Small satellites deployment mission from "Kibo" / J-SSOD [PDF: 1.9MB] Japan JAXA: Mr.Hiroki Akagi

ExHAM and material research at Kibo/ISS

Kibo Exposure Experiment / ExHAM [PDF: 1.4MB] Japan JAXA:Mr.Hideyuki Watanabe
Usability and Materials for International Space Station Experiment Moderator:JAXA
Mr.Watanabe, Mr.Fukuda

Space Medicine

ISS as a test-bed for human space exploration [PDF: 3.6MB] Japan JAXA: MDr.Tadashi Murai
Program Day 2
Title Country Presenter/Moderator

Space Law

Space treaties and IGA [PDF: 425KB] Japan Tokyo University
Ms. Motoko Uchitomi

Commercial Utilization

Commercial Protein Crystal Growth (C-PCG) Services on the ISS [PDF: 1.8MB] Japan Japan Space Forum
Mr.Susumu Yoshitomi

Experiment Budget Funding

Introduction to external funding and user fees Japan JAXA:Mr. Yoshiya Fukuda

Summary for SEUWG [PDF: 635KB]

Summary of the Kibo-ABC workshop: 30th November, 2015

The Kibo-ABC workshop held on November 30 was attended by 47 participants from 13 organizations in 9 countries.

Updates from the next SSAF (Space Seeds for Asian Future) program, "Asian Herb in Space (AHiS)" were reported by ANGKASA and JAXA. There was a lively discussion on this subject, and an experimental set up using the actual experiment kit was also demonstrated during the workshop. The progress of the seed examination to determine which seed was to be brought to and grown in the Kibo Pressurized Module was reported. The experimental tool kit that was originally prepared for AHiS was brought to the venue from Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC) to share ideas, including Plant Chamber with Water Supply Port and Starter Syringe designed to stimulate herbs to grow under low-light intensity inside the Kibo Pressurized Module.

The new criteria for "Asian Try Zero-G 2016" were explained by the Kibo planning and operation team in the evaluation of proposals; this was followed by active and constructive discussion on the next Asian Try Zero-G applications. The application guidelines, experimental tools used in Kibo, and selection method will be renewed to encourage applicants to create more innovative ideas. The selection method has been improved such that it is easier for POC's collecting their proposals in their own countries to become acclimated to feasibility studies for Kibo experiments. Member countries have started studying the new evaluation sheet and objectives in order to be prepared for the next program.

Kibo-ABC Recommendaton

Recent Notice of Kibo-ABC activities:
The application period for "Asian Try Zero-G 2016" is December 25, 2015, to February 28, 2016.

Title Country Presenter/Moderator
Review of Kibo-ABC recommendation at APRSAF-21 and 2015 activities [PDF: 532KB] Japan JAXA:Ms. Yoshimi Osada

General exchange of views on Kibo-ABC programs activities: Country Report

Clinostat Experiment: The Scientific Writing Competition for Students [PDF: 4.9MB] Indonesia LAPAN: Ms. Rasdewita Kesumaningrum
Malaysia Kibo Activity 2015 [PDF: 946KB] Malaysia ANGKASA: Mr.Helmy Hashim
Next plan for new SSAF and Try Zero-G in Vietnam, 2016 [PDF: 2.9MB] Vietnam VAST/STI: Ms. Trang Nguyen
Next SSAF Mission, Asian Herb in Space (AHiS) [PDF: 2.4MB] ALL Moderator
ANGKASA: Mr.Helmy Hashim
JAXA:Mr.Yoshiya Fukuda


Evaluation of Try Zero-G 2016 Proposals ALL Moderator
JAXA:Mr. Yoshiya Fukuda
and Kibo operation team
Kibo utilization roadmap up to 2020 Japan JAXA:Mr. Yoshiya Fukuda

Summary for Kibo-ABC [PDF: 1.5MB]

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