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National Space Organization, the Taiwan Space Agency has joined Kibo-ABC initiative!

Last Updated: July 13, 2020

The Taiwan Space Agency, the National Space Organization (NSPO), joined the Kibo-ABC initiative on March 16th 2020.

The NSPO is a major research center at the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). It has been serving as the space agency and has been responsible for space technology R&D in Taiwan since 1991. The organization is aiming to become a center of innovation and excellence for space technology and conduct space programs with Taiwanese strength and global competitiveness. Over 20 years, NSPO has established end-to-end satellite system capability from mission planning, system design, hardware development, system integration & test, mission operation, and data processing, with several successful missions including FORMOSAT-1, FORMOSAT-2, FORMOSAT-3, FORMOSAT-5 and FORMOSAT-7. In addition, there are five advanced satellite missions currently under development.

The NSPO expresses its great interest in joining Kibo-ABC activities such as Kibo Robot Programming Challenge (Kibo-RPC) and Space Seeds for Asian Future. The Kibo-ABC member agencies look forward to scientific, technological, and educational cooperation with the NSPO through the utilization of Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station (ISS).

Group photo of Dr. Lin, Chun-Liang with the NSPO team and the students attended the 1st Kibo Robot Programming Challenge held in NSPO, Taiwan on June 9, 2020. (Credit: NSPO)

Dr. Lin, Chun-Liang (Credit: NSPO)

Dr. Lin, Chun-Liang, Director General of the NSPO says:

"We are pleased to be one of the members of the Kibo-ABC programme. We look forward to expanding our participating in APRSAF and joining space collaboration from education, engineering to science with Japan and our Asia-Pacific neighbors. NSPO is happy to constantly contribute to this programme in the future. We believe Taiwan students will definitely benefit from the opportunity to stimulate their enthusiasm in exploring space technology."

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