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Microgravity Science Researchers from Korea visited Japan

Last Updated: September 2, 2014

A group of researchers in microgravity sciences from Korea visited Tokyo for the 11th Korea-Japan Joint Seminar on Space Environment Utilization Research. This joint seminar was first held in 2004 in Tsukuba, Japan. The subsequent meetings have been held annually in Japan and Korea by turns. A total of 21 papers on the recent progress [PDF: 2.1MB] in the microgravity sciences and space environment utilization researches were presented by Korean and Japanese scientists in the first day session at the University of Tokyo in Komaba on July 24, 2014. On the second day, the Korean scientist visited the Space Expo 2014 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls. Microgravity research communities in both countries have produced a steady flow of successful results and have progressed further in preparation of space experiments. In the seminar, it was recognized that the Japan-Korea collaboration had produced effective and useful data for future human exploration, which seems the next major space activity of humankind after the ISS.

During the meeting, participants were informed that Prof. Hiroo Inokuchi, the founder and the leading promoter of this Seminar, passed away in March 2014. Late Prof. Inokuch, a great chemist and recipient of many awards including the Order of Culture and the Kyoto Prize, kindly guided people to organize the seminar and to secure the necessary fund for seminar operation. His devotion and commitment to start and continue this seminar has made what it looks today.

The 11th Korea-Japan joint seminar at the University of Tokyo, Komaba campus
(Day 1)

Kibo/ISS Model: Space Expo 2014 (Day 2)

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