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Parabolic experience stands students in good stead

Last Updated: June 26, 2014

Students who took part in the JAXA parabolic flight experiment program make good use of their experiences in their career developments. Orakan Hanpanich of Mahidol University in Thailand is now making a short visit to Kyoto University to learn the newest technology in live-cell/in-vivo chemistry, one of the forefronts of science. In her first year in university, she proposed her research plan "Lipid accumulation in vessel-imitating tubes under microgravity condition" for the 2011 parabolic flight campaign. Through the parabolic experience, she learned lots of key points for successful research projects, such as the importance of team-work and methods for systematic operations. "Learning how to make good coordination with professionals of diverse specialties was a precious experience and that helps me a lot now" she told.

Some of her predecessors are also studying in Japan. Wasin Tuchinda studies applied chemistry at Osaka University, while Wares Cancharoen majors in aeronautical engineering at Nagoya University. They conducted their experiment "A study of water drops spreading in textiles under microgravity condition" in 2009. Pisit Kiatkittikul who took part in 2007 experiment "A Study of water flow by heating under microgravity conditions" devotes himself to his studies for energy chemistry at Kyoto University Graduate School of Energy Science.

Many other students from Malaysia and Vietnam, in addition to Thailand, are playing active parts in their respective fields of specialty, fully utilizing their experiences of the parabolic flight campaign. JAXA's parabolic flight program for students is thus making great contributions not only for students themselves but also for the advancement of science and technology both Japan and other Asian countries by excavating young talents and developing their abilities. Further expansion of this unique and beneficial program is highly expected for beautiful Asian future.

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Photo: Orakan at the whiteboard with her teammates in 2011 campaign

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