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ISS/Kibo Times

The ISS/KiboTimes -Winter issue 2017/2018-

Last Updated: March 23, 2018

The ISS / Kibo Times will be issued quarterly to introduce Japan's activities on the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo", the International Space Station (ISS), and the activities of JAXA Astronauts.

    - CONTENTS -
  1. ISS/Kibo Topics
  2. JAXA Astronauts Activities
  3. Recommended Videos

【1. ISS/Kibo Topics】

Turkey hands over samples to Japan for a space materials exposure experiment - Experiment to begin next spring on the exposed facility of "Kibo"!(January 11, 2018)

Turkey's material experiment samples for Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism (ExHAM) was handover to JAXA.

[Press Release] The University of Nairobi Hands the First KiboCUBE CubeSat over to JAXA Under UNOOSA-JAXA KiboCUBE Programme (January 19, 2018)

Kibo-ABC Member Countries' News: So excited with unexpected results! Asian Try Zero-G 2018 was performed by JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanai(February 15, 2018)

On February 13th, experiments for Asian Try Zero-G 2018 were successfully conducted by JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanai at ISS/ Kibo.

[Press Release] Shiseido Conducts Joint Research on Stress in Closed-off Environment Simulating the International Space Station (ISS) -Circadian rhythm of stress hormone disrupted, distortion in facial expression increased-(February 20, 2018)

JAXA's Operations support for Cygnus spacecraft completed(March 7, 2018)

Starting with Cygnus Orb D1 launched on Sept. 18, 2013, JAXA had supported the Cygnus operations for five years until the unberth of Cygnus OA-8 launched on November 12, 2017, thus marking the end of its support in completing the contract with NASA.

The Republic of Turkey hands over its CubeSat "UBAKUSAT" to Japan. Launch preparation starts. Scheduled to be deployment during Astronaut Kanai stay onboard! (March 12, 2018)

A CubeSat developed by the Republic of Turkey was handed over to JAXA. The CubeSat (named "UBAKUSAT") will be delivered to the ISS onboard the SpaceX CRS-14 scheduled to be launched in April.

Costa Rica hands over to JAXA its first CubeSat "Irazu", the first artificial satellite from Central America. Launch preparation starts. Scheduled to be deployment during Astronaut Kanai stay onboard!(March 12, 2018)

A CubeSat developed by the Republic of Costa Rica was handed over to JAXA. The CubeSat (named Irazu) will be delivered to the ISS onboard the SpaceX CRS-14.

【2. JAXA Astronauts Activities】

JAXA Astronaut Norishige Kanai

From December 19, 2017, he is staying on the ISS as a crewmember for the ISS Expedition 54/55 mission. On February 16, 2018, Kanai performed US EVA-48 as an EV2.

Astronaut Kanai's Twitter:

To find his full biography, please visit:

JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide

[Press Release] JAXA Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide Selected as ISS Expedition crew member and assuming the post of Commander (March 2, 2018)

【3. Recommended Videos】

We introduce hot videos from the JAXA YouTube channel.

Next issue will be around the July, 2018.

Publisher: Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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