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ISS/Kibo Times

The ISS/KiboTimes -Summer issue 2017-

Last Updated: October 6, 2017

The ISS / Kibo Times will be issued quarterly to introduce Japan's activities on the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo", the International Space Station (ISS), and the activities of JAXA Astronauts.

    - CONTENTS -
  1. ISS/Kibo Topics
  2. JAXA Astronauts Activities
  3. Recommended Videos

【1. ISS/Kibo Topics】

First disclosure of images taken by the Kibo's internal drone "Int-Ball" (July 14, 2017)

JAXA has disclosed images and movies taken by the JEM Internal Ball Camera called "Int-Ball"-its first camera drone that can record video while moving in space under remote control from the ground. Int-Ball was launched on June 4, 2017 by the Dragon cargo ship.

JAXA released the 4K movie shot by Hi - Vision camera mounted outside the "Kibo/ISS" for the first time. (August 3, 2017)

JAXA installed the High Definition TV Camera - Exposed Facility 2 (HDTV-EF2) onboard Kibo Exposed Facility in February 2017 and started shooting. HDTV-EF2 has two consumer product cameras.

First HDTV-EF2 video

Asian Try Zero-G 2018 Experiment Ideas Selected (September 7, 2017)

Kibo-ABC called for the proposal of a simple space experiment to be conducted by JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanai onboard the ISS/Kibo. As a result, 169 experiment proposals were submitted from 361 students and young engineers/researchers in Asian countries.

An University Team from Guatemala Selected for Second Round of KiboCUBE (September 11, 2017)
Development of new experimental platform 'MARS' - Multiple Artificial-gravity Research System - to elucidate the impacts of micro/partial gravity on mice (September 26, 2017)

The JAXA project focused on elucidating the impacts of partial gravity and microgravity on mice using newly developed mouse habitat cage units (HCU) that can be installed in the Centrifuge-equipped Biological Experiment Facility (CBEF) in the Kibo module.

This study is published in Nature Scientific Reports, please visit:
Scientific Reports (Nature website)

【2. JAXA Astronauts Activities】

JAXA Astronaut Norishige Kanai
From December 2017, he will stay on the ISS as a crewmember for the ISS Expedition 54/55 mission.

Astronaut Kanai's Twitter:

Astronaut Kanai's Biographies:

【3. Recommended Videos】

We introduce hot videos from the JAXA YouTube channel.

Next issue will be around the end of December, 2017 or January, 2018.

Publisher: Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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