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Space Station Utilization Workshops


JAXA has convened regular Space Station Utilization Workshops since1985. The purposes of the workshop are to help researchers understand the Space Station utilization preparation status, and to receive comments from these researchers on the future Space Station utilization plan.

List of Workshops

No. Location M/Y Primary themes Participants Period
30 Tokyo Dec. 2011 Life with Space Station, Next 10 years - 1day
29 Tokyo Dec. 2008 Kibo Utilization has Started - 1day
28 Tokyo Aug. 2007 Kibo, opening a New Frontier - 1day
27 Tokyo Dec. 2005 ISS Utilization Plan toward Human Space Exploration /
Future Prospect of JEM Second Phase Utilization
385 2days
26 Tokyo Sep. 2004 Future Prospects for Space development and Utilization of Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" 580 2days
25 Tokyo Sep. 2003 Current Curcumstances and Future Prospects of the ISS and Japanese Experiment Module 'Kibo' 640 2days
24 Tokyo Jul. 2002 Utilization of ISS and JEM,"Kibo",Current Circumstances and Future Prospect 600 2days
23 Tokyo Jul. 2001 Utilization of ISS and JEM,"Kibo",Current Circumstances and Future Prospect 686 3days
22 Tokyo Jun. 2000 Utilization of ISS and JEM,"Kibo",Current Circumstances and Future Prospect 817 3days
21 Tokyo Jun. 1999 Discussions about setting up the ISS utilization scenario 701 3days
20 Tokyo Jun. 1998 Discussions about setting up the ISS utilization scenario 704 2days
19 Tokyo Jul. 1997 Debut of ISS and JEM utilization 880 2days
18 Tokyo May 1996 Overall space utilization promotion 708 2days
17 Tokyo Jan. 1995 Future JEM utilization plan utilizing JEM's EF 971 2days
16 Tokyo Jan. 1994 Discussions based on the results of the 1st JEM utilization theme selection. 1013 2days
15 Tokyo Nov. 1992 Users' requests in response to the JEM utilization announcement of opportunity 441 1day
14 Tokyo Jan. 1992 JEM utilization concept and users' requests 779 2days
13 Hiroshima Sep. 1991 Space Station utilization promotion for JEM utilization announcement of opportunity 1311 2days
12 Tokyo Jan. 1991 Preliminary investigation results about JEM utilization 842 2days
11 Tokyo Jan. 1990 JEM utilization plan and status of utilization promotion study 675 2days
10 Kobe Sep. 1989 Space Station utilization promotion and newest space experiments reports 383 2days
9 Tokyo Feb. 1989 Standard utilization missions to be reflected in the basic JEM design 886 2days
8 Kitakyushu Sep. 1988 Space Station utilization promotion 427 2days
7 Tokyo Feb. 1988 Preliminary design report of JEM based on utilization mission requirements 825 2days
6 Sendai Jul. 1987 Space Station utilization promotion 185 2days
5 Tokyo Feb. 1987 Intermediate report of utilization mission analysis, and submission to the design of JEM. 767 2days
4 Ohsaka Jul. 1986 Search and study for various ISS utilization themes 241 2days
3 Tokyo Feb. 1986 Study of utilization mission data analysis 650 2days
2 Tokyo Nov. 1985 Utilization mission proposal and study of mission scenario 639 2days
1 Tokyo Oct. 1995 Current status of ISS program and outlook of utilization mission 770 2days

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