Space Poem Chain

Space Poem Chain

Second Series
gThere are starsh

There are stars inside me
When I think about things from way way before
my whole body goes tingly
No doubt itfs the stars, reminded of things
before they entered me, whooping it up

Yasunori Matogawa (Director, JAXA Space Education Center)

Water trembles in a star
The water holds lights
The lights are human hearts

Makoto Ooka (Poet)

Officers' stars on army drabs @Stars that spangle flags
Stars roped in for restaurant ratings or
flying around in comic books when someone's out cold
Earth-bound stars are busy, unlike the ones in space
At times competing to become superstars

Shuntaro Tanikawa (Poet)

"Star-shaped"-say the word and you see those symbols
They're totally different from actual stars
but maybe they're why we feel tender towards "star sand"

Shimako Hiraoka (Company Employee, age 34)

Closer than the Milky Way is the ocean, than the ocean is the river
than the river is the pond in my hometown and its starlight
that light which is a part of me
No matter where I roam, how dark the days I know
that light shines for me

Tian Yuan (Poet, China)

A path of lights for me to follow,
each step many light years from the next;
may I be truly worthy of this journey.

Wry Welwood (Intensive Clinical Manager, age 55, USA)

In the earth a speck of ore was sleeping
when from the great beyond a ray of light poured in
Ancient stone and future shine became one\
a life born, it seemed, in the vivid colorsfgleam\
and the quicksilver glow brought a glimpse of eternity

Noriko Muna (Office Worker, age 49, Saipan)

The Sun scratches and flings down the power in photons
towards all the planets as golden dust: only the earth grows golden dreams
on mash and flings them back to Sun as his share, in eternity.

Rati Saxena (Poet, India)

I have begun this travel on the morning when I was born.
A star from the depth of the sky is my guardian angel
watching with his own light my body and soul, and all my dreams.
At daybreak he sends me a dove at the window to teach me
to decipher the air signs of the sky home returning way.

Clelia Ifrim (Poet, Dramatist, Romania)

I become a particle
flitting and floating in infinite space
Is it dream or reality, this stardust me?

Kim Kwang-rim (Poet, Korea)

It is darkness that makes the stars shine like metallic specks,
like a sand painting of silver and gold against laquer black.
Light: a brightly burning power Darkness: energy of the void
All things fly around, travelling between those two
And my mind too, tail dragging like a comet, goes round and round

Junichi Nishijima(Company Employee, age 48)

A few idle bits of rock, how they huddle together, freeze, and plunge selflessly
at wild speed, so unforgiving, such velocity, against a backdrop of sheer blackness,
the supreme sense of cold and its magical void, whence your wish will come

Jan Lauwereyns (Poet, Neurophysiologist, New Zealand)

All August I wished, begrudging even the blink of an eye
all my vision directed towards Perseus, feeling the beat of your heart
and I told you how soon we'd meet
Your birth cry was light that travelled five billion years until it arrived
O my son, that's how you came here, to Earth!

Hinata Hiyori (age 47)

This morningfs terrible bad mood\
Had I remembered this earth is also a star
I might have been a little gentler

Tomoko Kanazawa (Part-timer, age 29)

Is it your tears or hope that sparkles
in the vastness of space? Throbbing like the vein
inside the space of our selves. Observing
various signals sent by the Earth. Perhaps
also our signals.

Agus R. Sarjono (Poet, Indonesia)

Our overflowing thoughts
now fly throughout the world\electro-magnetic
waves, theyfre called, miniscule waves of condensed emotion

Shinya Shiraishi (Vocational College Student, age 26)

Condensed energy builds momentum and disperses,
sending shards through space and time;
like a swarm of meteorite
or breeze through a cherry blossom grove,
the ambivalent resonance of spent energy...

Samuel Wagan Watson (Poet, Australia)

The stars are shining beyond the blue sky said someone I wonder who
Loudly the Parrot Stone replied, gEven things you canft see exist!
Thatfs what Nature ish

happ (Librarian, age 30)

If you are the Sun
then I am the Moon
And if you shine on everything
then I will absorb your light
and shine on the darkness within you

Takami Matsunaga (Company Employee)

Every night a star touches my eyelash
The light comes out of my eyebrows
Having knocked at the door of my soul

Azam Abidov (Poet, Uzbekistan)

Press a switch and the lights go on
What a relief, that brightness, the warm glow
Ifm no good at the hard questions but
could it be that electricity feels warm because
wefve known the sun, the moon, the stars so long?

Shiomi Sakai (7th Grade, age 13)

Behold the wondrous shades of civilization:
Humans pluck flowers, frame bouquets and present to the loved ones
And say their love shall remain unharmed and fresh ever after.

Ammaraj Joshi (Poet, Nepal)

Stars shining like they'll never go out
may fade someday
my feelings flowing to that light will last forever
linked to the hearts of people I'll never know

Shion Kikuchi (High School Student, age 17)

And so in the end, the road illumined by millions of stars
is the place where the dream dissolves, leaving behind
a message like embers at the bottom of our morning eyes

Kiwao Nomura(Poet, Japan)