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Space Environment Utilization

Research Theme Solicitation

Research themes are being solicited as shown below.

Current solicitations
Life Science Theme International Solicitation Research themes are being solicited cooperatively and internationally among participating countries in order to obtain the maximum results in the field of life science and space medicine, by effectively utilizing the resources of the International Space Station.

Past solicitations
International announcement of opportunity for Microgravity scienceThe candidates of the Microgravity science research themes prerformed on the ISS have been selected.
At present, these themes are in definition phase.
Solicitation of ground-based researchResearch themes are being solicited to promote ground-based research related to space environment utilization prior to ISS utilization.
Current status of Kibo utilization themes The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is soliciting experiment themes to prepare for full utilization of the Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo) which will be attached to the ISS.

Last Updated : October 1, 2003

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