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High Definition Television Camera Experiment (HDTV)

Medical application

Medical and psychological support in space are very important for astronauts because they may suffer from physical stress in microgravity or from the psychological stress due to the closed and isolated environment, as well as cross-cultural differences, in ISS.
NASDA is responsible for the health care of Japanese astronauts. This preliminary experiment using the HDTV system will provide us much knowledge on the applicability to telemedicine and psychological support.

Public Affair application

HDTV systems are expected to be used routinely on orbit. Taking images of intra-vehicular activity, observation of the Earth etc. on ISS will provide us the skills to handle with HDTV systems in space. Furthermore images will excite our interest in ISS and space.
The purpose are to investigate the application of HDTV images for Public Affairs and to acquire skills to take images on orbit.


HDTV Camera Specification
CCD resolution 1080x1920
(2 million pixels/CCD)
Recording format Digital video
Duration 40 minutes/tape
Zoom Lens specification x9, x15 zoom lens
(focus length:5.5 to 120mm)

HDTV camera is a camcorder, which is composed of a camera and video recorder in one body, and will record high definition images and voice on video tapes.

A converter unit supplies the power to the HDTV camera and converts video format from HD to SECAM* format for downlink through the Zvezda video transmitter system. Those hardware were assembled based on off-the-shelf hardware.

Converter Unit Specification
DC power supply 28V DC/16V DC conversion
Signal format conversion HD/SECAM conversion
Dimension 465(W)x400(D)x80(H)mm
Weight 7.0kg

All medical experiment images will be down-linked using the Zvezda video transmitter, and medical conferences will be implemented between the on-orbit crew and the ground crew during medical experiments.

Some Public Affairs experiment data is planned to be downloaded as well. All experiment will be filmed on video tapes that will be analyzed after retrieval.

*SECAM: the French acronym for Sequential Color with Memory. one of TV system.


Future plan of Space Environment Measurement Experiment

JAXA is investigating installation of an HDTV camera on board “Kibo” after 2007.

Last Updated : February 9, 2005 

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