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Decision of CubeSats deployment date carried aboard KOUNOTORI 6

Last Updated: January 13, 2017

Six of the seven CubeSats launched aboard KOUNOTORI 6 from Tanegashima space center on December 9th will be deployed from Kibo on the night of January 16th (JST. GMT + 9 hours).

Planned deployment date: January 16th (Mon), 2017

① 18:00-18:30 timeframe (JST): Deployment of 4 CubeSats
② 19:30-20:00 timeframe (JST): Deployment of 2 CubeSats

via Internet:
CubeSats deployment from Kibo, the Japanese Experiment Module, will be broadcasted via JAXA YouTube channel with view of the Kibo mission control center.

Streaming start: January 16th (Mon), 2017, 17:50 (JST)

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