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ISS/Kibo Monthly News

ISS/Kibo Monthly News

ISS/Kibo Monthly News introduces events on the Japanese Experiment Module ("Kibo") and the International Space Station (ISS) and activities of JAXA Astronauts.

画像:ISS/Kibo Monthly News: February, 2017へリンク

ISS/Kibo Monthly News: February, 2017

  • Astronaut Takuya Onishi holds a mission reporting event
  • First combustion experiment begins in Kibo
  • Protein crystallization at 4℃ begins
  • Research on the effects of probiotics on the immune system and intestinal microbiota of astronauts
  • Launch of the Dragon spacecraft

画像:ISS/Kibo Monthly News: January, 2017へリンク

ISS/Kibo Monthly News: January, 2017

  • Successful deployment of six CubeSats delivered by KOUNOTORI6
  • Exchange of ISS Batteries
  • Preparation for the first combustion experiment in Kibo
  • Technological demonstration of the real-time dosimeter begins
  • Immunization research for the health of onboard astronauts
  • ISS This Month: Maintenance for the Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA)
  • JAXA Astronauts This Month

画像:ISS/Kibo Monthly News: December, 2016へリンク

ISS/Kibo Monthly News: December, 2016

  • Astronaut Takuya Onishi completes rehabilitation program
  • KOUNOTORI6 arrives at the ISS
  • Successful deployment of a CubeSat delivered by KOUNOTORI6
  • A flash report of on-ground analysis of space mice

画像:ISS/Kibo Monthly News: October - November, 2016へリンク

ISS/Kibo Monthly News: October - November, 2016

  • Astronaut Takuya Onishi undergoing rehabilitation after returning to Earth
  • KOUNOTORI6 and CubeSats unveiled to the media
  • Results of Onishi's mission
  • CALET data supports the finding of LIGO
  • Receipt of samples from Turkey for the exposed experiment

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