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Thai and Malaysian student teams perform parabolic flight experiments

Last Updated: January 18, 2013

Parabolic flight experiments of Asian students were conducted in Nagoya, Japan, December 26 and 27. Thai and Malaysian teams were selected by NSTDA of Thailand and ANGKASA of Malaysia respectively. Experiments were carried out sharing the flight with Japanese researchers as well as Japanese student teams. An article introducing the Thai and Malaysian teams can be read here.

Students worked hard throughout their preparation and the parabolic flight experiment; built their experimental set up with their various creative ideas, carried their devices all the way to Japan, and did the adjustment for their experiments. All the teams successfully obtained their experimental data as planned under the microgravity and hyper-gravity conditions during flights. Detailed results will be reported by the end of March, after analysis of the data.

It is anticipated that they will become researchers/technicians in the future contributing to development of Asia with their enthusiasm stimulated by this valuable experience.

Malaysian team, UPSI, preparing for its experiment
(Assembling the experiment device for Space Mass Balance and checking its operation)

Thai team preparing for its experiment
(Assembling the experiment device to observe behavior of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii)

Malaysian team, UniKL, preparing for its experiment
(Preparing for metering experiment to search for a fabric suitable for space underwear)

Thai and UPSI teams preparing in the plane

Thai team reporting its flight experiment at a daily meeting

UPSI team reporting its flight experiment at a daily meeting

Participants in the parabolic flight experiment of December 27, 2012

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