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Kibo-ABC members talk with JAXA flight director (J-FLIGHT) about the process of the ISS/Kibo space experiment

Last Updated: June 27, 2016
"How much time and effort is required to plan an experiment?"
"What kind of preparation would be beneficial to make the experiment successful?"


Mr. Ichimura at the Kibo-ABC monthly web conference

Mr. Shuichi Ichimura, a JAXA flight director, joined the Kibo-ABC regular monthly web conference on June 16th to give a presentation about the ISS/Kibo experiment preparation process.

The goal of his presentation was to understand:
1) How much time and effort is required to plan an experiment and,
2) What kind of preparation would be beneficial to make the experiment successful.

The presentation began with an explanation of the generic template for the experiment preparation process. During the explanation, he noted the importance of adequate crew procedure development and how it would affect the result of the experiment.


Mr. Ichimura on console as JEM(Kibo) Flight Director

He also mentioned that the onboard plan was coordinated with other international partners based on each task's priority, planning requirements and restrictions. For onboard experiments, he described how the on-console team and the science team prepared for unexpected situations. After the explanation, some examples of actual preparation processes were introduced for wrap-up.

All the Kibo-ABC members had a great time learning more deeply about preparations for their future experiments at ISS/Kibo.

Message from Mr. Shuichi Ichimura:

The reason why I wanted to participate today was to meet smart people from Asia with great interest in human space programs. I hope you were able to understand the ops preparation process and tips to make your experiment successful. KIBO is an experiment module waiting for exciting experiments and I am very much looking forward to working with you all in the near future!

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