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ISS Astronauts Activity Report 2001

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ISS Astronauts Activity Report, December 2001
  • Advanced Training
    • On-orbit ISS repair kit training
    • Advanced training on Kibo, the Japanese Experiment Module
  • Astronaut Hoshide to visit his former school
  • Minister Atsuko Tohyama visited Tsukuba Space Center

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, November 2001
  • Advanced Training
    • Training on ISS tools
    • Training on Emergency Egress from Space Shuttle
    • System malfunction training
  • Kibo's Extravehicular Activity procedure development test No.3(OPS#3)
  • Astronaut Sumino awarded the Honored Citizen Prize of Matsudo City, Chiba prefecture.
  • Astronaut Hoshide participated in the "Kibo" Utilization Symposium in Kansai.

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, October 2001
  • Advanced Training
    • Training on Space Shuttle Galley
    • Training on Decompression sickness
    • Training on the ISS on-orbit repair kits
  • Rocket Symposium Part 2 --- H-IIA Rocket a New Challenge

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, September 2001
  • Naoko Sumino certified as an ASTRONAUT!!
  • Survival Training for ASCAN Sumino in Russia
  • Kibo Pressurized Module Shipment Ceremony
  • Image Processing Unit (IPU) for Kibo's Multiuser Experiment Facilities being presented to the press at Tsukuba Space Center.
  • Russian cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin visits Tsukuba Space Center
  • "Fureai Space Festival 2001"

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, August 2001
  • Summer School at Tsukuba Space Center
    • Talking with astronaut Hoshide
  • Cosmic College Opening Ceremony
  • LP-TIM#12

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, July 2001
  • Space Square - Let's learn about Space with astronaut Noguchi -
  • Rocket Symposium
  • Flight Training
  • Flight Crew Interface Test of Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section of "Kibo" (the Japanese Experiment Module).
  • Flight Crew Interface Test of Kibo's robotic arm
  • Kibo System training

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, June 2001
  • Japanese Experiment Module Kibo system test
  • Flight Training

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, May 2001
  • ISS system training
  • Operation of Kibo's robot arm

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, April 2001
  • ISS system training
  • Presentations for NASA astronaut candidates

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, March 2001
  • Flight training
  • Cosmic College

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, February 2001
  • Second EVA Training for the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo"

ISS Astronauts Activity Report, January 2001
  • Two ISS astronauts were newly certified
  • Japanese Experiment Module Kibo's EVA training Mockup walk through
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